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Catholic Cemetery Grounds

Our Mission

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend has entrusted to the Catholic Cemetery Association of Fort Wayne, Inc. the burial and entombment of its members and the care of its Catholic Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our Mission is to carry out the sacred religious function of the burial and care for the resting places of our deceased Catholic families. While being ever mindful of the sacredness of the ground and crypts in which the bodies of the deceased rest, it is our duty to perform this corporal work in mercy in a compassionate and caring fashion and to comfort those left behind. Our cemetery is an extension of the parish community in that it provides a place of liturgical celebration and gives witness that the Community of Faith is unbroken by death. We proclaim through our words, work, and example the sacredness of the human body, the belief in Resurrection, and the Christian virtue of Hope in the promise of Eternal Life.